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Identified in England in 1937, Biston Betularia, or ‘peppered moth’ was the first creature to evolve its camouflage to match the pollution caused by coal factories. The “cryptic moth” was evolution to human pollution.

Cryptic Moth Productions is transforming the film and television markets by developing character-driven, socially-relevant content for film and television. Instead of paralyzing viewers with doom-and-gloom scenarios of an environmental Armageddon, Cryptic Moth exposes the myriad of positive solutions available to combat environmental decay.

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For more than 10 years, Ian Connacher has been documenting solutions to environmental issues. He has written for various newspapers and magazines including Shift, Canadian Geographic and The Globe and Mail. He also co-founded Earth Change Productions, which distributed a documentary on climate change solutions to schools and libraries in 2000.

In 2001, Ian produced segments for CBC's SUNDAY show and then spent 5 years producing segments for the science show DAILY PLANET on Discovery Canada. In 2005, Ian founded Cryptic Moth Productions and produced a short film entitled ALPHABET SOUP, which chronicles a scientific voyage to an ocean vortex where plastic debris accumulates. This was the inspiration for Cryptic Moth’s latest project, ADDICTED TO PLASTIC.

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Since 1998 Gad Reichman has proven himself as an invaluable creative and technical force to any team. He has worked as a senior editor in post production facilities and production companies in the United States, Canada, and England. He has worked in various genres from; drama, documentary, TV series, commercials, etc. that have aired on NBC, FOX, A&E, Court TV, Discovery Channel International, Discovery UK, Discovery Canada, CTV, TSN, CBC, OLN, Comedy Network, Animal Planet, History TV, Showcase, HGTV, Slice Network, Channel 4 (UK), Channel 5 (UK), Sky Television. He is a member of SMPTE, and ATUG, and has also taught digital post production courses at Seneca College. From his roots in music production, to production sets, to the edit suite, Gad has proven himself to be well versed in all facets of professional film and TV production.

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2007 Featured as an Eco-Hero in Green Living Magazine
2005 Finalist, Basic and Clinical Science – Freddie Awards, International Health and Medical Media Awards
2004 Nominated for L’Oreal Canada’s Excellence in Science Journalism
2000 National Magazine Award for Best Editorial Package

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Discovery Channel CA | 2002-2008 | various segments, shows.

Alphabet Soup | 2005 | 12 min. Documentary More

A Tribe Called Connacher | 2007 | 45 min. 3 weeks on Safari in Kenya.

Addicted To Plastic | 2008 | 85 min. feature and 52 min. TV More

Intelligent Nutrients: Re-Inventing Beauty | 2008 | 15 min. corporate video More

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